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We serve individuals, businesses and communities.

Our objective is to make the first steps of entrepreneurship easier, lower the obstacles related to entrepreneurship and decrease the risk of failure.
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Address rantal
Virtual office
The business registrations & establishments
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We are the leading Address Rental and Virtual Office services provider in Finland. We help international consumers and businesses gain access to the Europe Marketplace and facilitate global trade.
  • Address rantal
  • Virtual office
  • The business registrations & establishments
  • Pricing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Guidance for making calculations
  • The development of a business idea
  • Arranging finance
  • Business Idea Branding
  • The assessment of business idea
  • Insurance
  • Permits
  • Organisation of the accounts
  • Expert needs
  • Trainings
  • Correct internet domain names
  • Advice for tax purposes

Call us and get the answers to a legal problem immediately

Help available every day Mon - Fri 10:00-16:00

By calling to the BusinessAddress phone you will get direct access to corporate counsel
You can talk confidentially and receiving valuable advice from experienced enterprise advisors

If the number does not answer or is busy, please call again later

Good reasons for BusinessAddress phone call:
1. Get a quick answer to your question or problem
2. Affordable - you pay for the call of the time only used
3. No waste of time. No travel costs. No time reservations
4. Phone in various languages: Finnish English Arabic

Why us?

  • Cost-effective alternative to renting a conventional office.
  • We help you start your own business, expand from a home office.
  • Better and more convenient service compared to a post office box
  • Business address within an expensive location for corporate image purposes.
  • Real business address that allows you to comply with government regulations.
  • For more information:

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